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   10 reasons for the growth of the price of bitcoin in 2017
A few weeks ago, predicting the price of bitcoin, experts assumed that it would reach $ 3,000 by the end of the year. However, only June is coming to an end, and bitcoin has reached the $ 3000 mark at the beginning of the month

This article contains opinions on the further movement of the bitcoin price of several well-known crypto-currency specialists, including top managers of the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund, the Gemini exchange, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Alphabit.Fund and other large companies.

Legal recognition in Japan

One of the main reasons for the largest jump this year in the price of bitcoin was its official recognition as a means of payment in Japan. Against the backdrop of the heyday of the Japanese c ... Read more »

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   Scaling Bitcoin Segwit2x
Supported previously by a significant number of miners and companies, the proposal to scale the bitcoin network Segwit2x from today is moving to a new level. As confirmed by the co-founder of Bloq and the leading developer Segwit2x Jeff Garzik, on Friday, June 30, will be published an updated protocol code, reports CoinDesk.

Recall, signaling in support of SegWit2x from the side of miners began on June 19, and in fact within a day with a small reached the necessary support threshold of 75%.

The last two weeks, the code base SegWit2x was in alpha testing mode. According to Garzik, the updated code is designed to eliminate previously identified bugs and help in its further optimization.

In the opinion of a significant part of the bitcoin industry, SegWit2x should ... Read more »

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   Bankruptcy of banks can affect the cost of bitkoyna

On June 25, the Italian government announced the introduction of forced measures to save two local banks Banco Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca, which were on the verge of bankruptcy, due to the fact that private investors have not expressed a desire to finance banking organizations.
Such cases make European investors once again think about the reliability of the traditional banking system. The previous similar incident, when Cypriot banks were forced to mass appeal to anti-crisis measures, led, in particular, to a significant increase in bitcoin cost, as investors sought more reliable means of preserving value.

The Italian government will have to pay out 4 785 billion euros to Intesa Sanpaolo, the country's first retail bank has taken over the management of two bankrupt ... Read more »

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    Service "bitcoin-salary" for employees
Bitwage officially launches "Bitcoin-salary" service in the UK, offering remote workers to receive salaries in various currencies, including bitcoyne. Using the service, workers can receive salaries in bitcoins, and, no commissions should be paid by the employer, nor should the recipient be registered with Bitwage. To receive payments, he simply provides Bitwage with the details of his bank account and the employer's account.

According to Bitwage, more than 13,000 employees have been subscribed to the service and more than $ 21.6 million has been transferred in the form of international wages. Users can issue invoices to employers or customers in the US, UK and EU. The received salary can be distributed in any ratio between different bank accounts and bitcoin-purses.
On Monday, the company announced ... Read more »

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   Bitcoin conquers the world market
Today, more often you can find ads on the sale and purchase of real estate for bitcoins. The first case of this practice was fixed in 2012 - in Israel, the owner of the villa put it on sale for 5,000 BTC (about $ 3 million). Near this villa are many celebrities and influential people, in particular Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and co-owner of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport Valery Kogan.

In March 2013, a Canadian citizen put up for sale his house on a small plot of land for 405,000 Canadian dollars (about 12 million rubles at the rate of that time), indicating that he accepts the bitcoins for payment. At that time, the price of one bitcoin was about $ 45. According to the owner, he planned to invest the digital currency in the development of his own Internet projects.

The first case of ... Read more »

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     Bitcoin: Calendar of main events
The cryptosystem community should decide the question: is it time to activate SegWit, that is, will the bitcoin protocol be changed? What does this mean for miners, developers, investors and users of crypto-currencies?

A vigorous discussion of options for scaling the bitcoin core reached a decisive phase. Both the most popular scaling project today - BIP148 and SegWit2x - imply the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) within a month, followed by a one-month update of the protocol.

At the same time, there is a serious risk that bitcoin will "split". BIP148 and SegWit2x can branch off from the existing bitcoin protocol, which in turn will lead to new splits.

What does Segregated Witness activation mean?

... Read more »

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      Predicted the growth of bitcoin to $ 50,000

An experienced financial analyst and founder of the investment firm Standpoint Research Ronnie Moas said that the price of bitcoin would double in the next year, and in the next ten years it could reach levels of $ 25,000- $ 50,000, writes CryptoCoinsNews.

Over the past 13 years, Ronnie Moas has made more than 900 different recommendations for stock market participants, and now, after he, by his own admission, denied bitcoin for a long time, decided to plunge into the world of crypto-currency. The company began this experiment with the purchase of a "small amount" of bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum on Coinbase.

At the same time Moas believes that confidence in other types of investments will decrease, while more people wi ... Read more »

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     Authorities authority in the Bitcoin community
Gian Wu is the founder of the Bitmain mining company and an influential figure in the crypto-currency community. Within the framework of the conference "The Future of Bitcoin", which was held in the Dutch city of Arnhem from June 30 to July 1, he participated in the discussion of several key topics. His own report was called "Why bitcoin needs several implementations."

One of the most important topics that Wu raised during his speech is the psychology of power in the Bitcoin community. Wu talked about several popular social psychological experiments and how they can play for the current situation in the crypto-currency space. He began his paper by discussing various ways in which the existence of society is organized by governments - aristocracy, monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny and democracy. ... Read more »

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      Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum
BitcoinIRA has concluded agreements with leading investment funds and crypto-currency companies and invites its clients to invest both in Bitcoin and Ethereum from individual retirement accounts (IRA) and accounts 401 (k).

Cooperation with the investment platform is supported by the UK's leading retirement pension fund Trust Kingdom and the well-known provider of the BitGo crypto-currency wallet. Joint actions of the companies allowed creating a combination of secure encryption codes with multi-signatures from BitGo, which allows Trust Kingdom to provide funds redirection services from the IRA to the investment crypto currency fund.

The BitcoinIRA project received significant coverage in the media from leading publications, including The Wall Street Journal,, Barron' ... Read more »

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    Bitcoin splits in two

Until the end of the summer, the bitcoin market may be in for a major shock.

The solution of the eternal dispute over the way to establish an uninterrupted operation of the blocking system between the miners and developers can lead to a split and the existence of two versions of blockade and bitcoin, which, according to experts, threatens the record volatility of the crypto currency.

Consensus was not found in the blockroom

After 160% growth in the cost of bitcoin, the market of the most famous crypto currency is waiting for a new shock. According to Bloomberg, after two years of non-negotiable disputes, two competing groups, which play a key role in maintaining the efficiency of this currency, are preparing to release ... Read more »

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